The Arplas system

The Arplas technology is based on the principle of applying the minimum possible energy (heat) to the parts to be joined, while still reaching a full structural weld. It uses a distinctively different set of parameters (time, force and current) than traditional techniques. The release of a short time and high current pulse creates a structural weld, while the heat affected zone is significantly reduced.

The thermally induced stress relieve, well known from traditional techniques, is almost non-existing. This results in less deformation in the parts, leading to an excellent perceived quality combined with a reduced vehicle mass and better stability of the welded parts. These characteristics enable cost saving technical applications. Compared to traditional resistance welding techniques, the welds are almost invisible.


Our promises

Better design

Arplas welds are not only invisible; they also enable attractive design (such as narrow window frames)

Any metal

Arplas offers a full commercial welding solution for steel and aluminum. Other (multi-) material solutions are being developed

Easy setup

Arplas solutions can easily be integrated in any production line and requires minimum maintenance

Low carbon footprint

Arplas technology uses minimal energy to produce a weld

Proven technology

Arplas equipment has been producing welds successfully in high volume automotive production since 2003